Whole Systems Consultancy


We are an independent consultancy specialising in the practical application of organisational systems based techniques and modelling in the private, voluntary and public sectors. Whole systems techniques address the effectiveness of connections both externally and within the organisation and the ability to respond to changes in the environment, both opportunities and threats.


Deliver peer engagement workshops in the context of organisational and environmental change, programmes or projects

Develop whole systems organisational architecture

Design and evaluate organisational structures

Consult on and engage stakeholders in exploratory research, measurement and surveys

Design and integrate systemic learning initiatives into everyday working practices

Our principal, Jane Searles, uses groupinsight which she has developed and refined over the last 20 years which embodies a systems approach and is centred around people. She is a Viable Systems Model Practitioner and a member of SCiO – the Organisation for Systems Practitioners.

Jane takes ongoing professional development seriously and engages in an action learning group with her fellow systems practitioners.

Our ethos is one of partnering you, supporting your introduction of systems based approaches with a focus on providing the specific outcomes that you need.

It is our policy to provide our services on a voluntary basis to selected third sector organisations, when capacity allows. We also enjoy a number of associations with other organisations and are pleased to hear about new collaboration opportunities.